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I specialize in the creation of unique enamel art jewelry pieces, crafted on fine silver, copper and gold.


Jewelry is a form of art that I’ve been practicing since I was a little girl. Little field flower tiaras, aluminum foil rings, paper cut bracelets and necklaces made with twigs, and all kinds of found objects. Throughout the years these objects have gone through transformations by refining their shapes and aesthetic appearance.


I use a combination of traditional and alternative enameling techniques to express my perspectives on our contemporary life. Enameling has become my preferred form of expression, combining elements and approaches from a succession of art media that I have practiced throughout my creative life.


I find myself completely absorbed by the successive transformation of my enamel pieces, each step and firing marked by a tweak of the ‘unexpected’ hue or shade. The process itself, whether laying down the cloisonné wires or waiting in front of the kiln, allows me to meditate and connect with a certain alchemic magic. I strive to achieve a finish that allows my colors, shades and foil to play with the light, and provide a tactile feel that is unique to this form of jewelry.

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