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My pieces for the most part use the cloisonné enamel technique – a visually alluring technique used for more than a thousand years, with its origins in the Byzantium Empire. 

Each cloisonné enamel piece begins with a metal base; either copper or fine silver. I then bend fine silver wires into shapes to create small cells (partitions) of designs called cloisons. Each small silver compartment from this design – is carefully placed on the metal surface. 

I then begin to apply a layer of finely ground glass enamel in each cloison, which I then fire in a special kiln.

I repeat this process up to twelve times, each firing adding to the work’s thickness and each firing altering what was previously visible. 

When the painted enamel layer reaches just above the height of the silver cloisons, I polish the piece, using progressively finer sandpaper, until the work achieves a uniform level of enamel and partitions – giving the piece its particular luster.

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