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Let's design one together
We are happy to work with you to create a piece of jewelry that incorporates your aesthetic perspectives and ideas. We understand that it is sometimes daunting to work on a piece together, and we think that laying out the relationship step by step avoids misunderstanding and ensures that your desires are fully reflected in each piece.


Please contact us for any further information and to begin the custom order process.  


The different steps of the custom design process are:

Design Consultation
In order to create a piece that truly reflects your vision, the process begins with a discussion about your design ideas. We can do this in person, on the phone or via Skype/Facetime. We will determine the dimensions of the piece, the materials to be used and the finish. I will ask questions and make suggestions so that the final design is as you envision it.


Approval of Sketches
I will create design sketches based on your requirements and send them to you for approval. We review these together. I will make modifications to the sketches until you are perfectly happy with your design. 


Sizing (for rings)
To ensure a perfect ring fit, an exact sizing is necessary before work can start. 


Once the final design is established, I will prepare an estimate based on its complexity and on the type and quantity of materials to be used. The delivery schedule will be agreed at this stage too. 


I will source materials and carefully make your piece by hand to your exact requirements. This process will take between two and four weeks, and in order to start it a 50% deposit is required.


Delivery and Final Payment
When the piece is ready, I will send you a photo of it along with your final invoice. Once I receive your full payment, your piece will be carefully packaged and shipped according to your specifications.

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